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April 2021

Create Calm, Clarity and Coherence

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November 2020

Always Live In The Now

” One of the principles I learned from my own experiences with death was that we are always here now. Now is where we live. Since her transition, she comes often as butterfly or a drum song. In 2009 I made and painted a drum in her honour and wrote this poem/song in her memory. As you read it, connect to the spirit in your heart, the soul of you here, now and always. Sadly, some of our drums were stolen, including my precious sacred mother heart drum. I hope whomever took them is blessed with the joy I had in creating and playing it.”




Fairhurst helps you evolve, shift

“Have you ever seen a waterfall you didn’t like?”

This question has been swirling around in my mind since I heard Donna Fairhurst pose it in a recent BWB video. It’s an apt metaphor for this “endless student of life on planet Earth” who has been gathering and mastering a vast array of skills and gifts for decades. Like a river, Fairhurst draws from many sources and can go deep to help her clients find their true selves and “know, grow, flow, and glow.”

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