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Aura Pet Imaging

We offer real time images, reading and reports of your pet’s aura and chakra fields, including their personality, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. It allows us to evaluate your pet’s energy strength to balance and treat accordingly.
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Business Consulting

Time is money when production targets are not met and overhead continues to increase. We will work with you and your team to quickly identify and address your business company’s concerns to achieve maximum results.
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Paranormal Investigations

Our paranormal investigations include; site evaluation and assessment, confirmation of activity. If the feelings and physical activity on your property is causing you stress, concern, or negatively impacting your quality of life you may require our services.
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The purpose of integrated  life/soul coaching is to align your inner soul life (In-Spirit /Inspired) with your outer life.

We create custom individual and group programs combining, scientific aura & chakra imaging, multiple healing modalities, including Reiki, Emotion Freedom Technique, and Neurolinguistics, with practical tools for living.

This is a motivational and foundation building quality of life practice and does not replace, or should be used in lieu of medical or psychiatric care.