My Story

I was born just short of legally blind, but able to see, hear, and feel the colour, vibration, & energy fields all around me.  Seeing, hearing, and speaking with spirit was a normal occurrence for me as a child. The isolation of contracting polio at age 1, living mostly in a remoter area in SW Alberta, and moving three times before the age of five gave me no sense that I was different from other children until I started school.  I became what I call an integrated learner using all my senses. I became so used to relying on alternative senses that my parents did not even realize I couldn’t see the big E on an eye chart until I was tested late in childhood.

When my talents and differences resulted in negative reactions from close family and friends, I buried them for most of my first 40 years.  My life’s journey has included serious health issues, three near death experiences, divorce, financial stress, recovery, and resolution, all of which nudged me into greater awareness of what it IS that I AM. I have traveled the world, sat, and still sit at the feet of many masters, all the while studying and integrating, spirituality and holistic energy practices, first for myself and then for the world at large.

I now accept my abilities and enjoy sharing the benefits that they bring for myself and others on this beautiful planet. I’ve come to find that my skills are most effective in a Coaching Relationship; a relationship that uses my lived experience to help guide you through your own life experiences.


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The purpose of integrated  life/soul coaching is to align your inner soul life (In-Spirit /Inspired) with your outer life.

We create custom individual and group programs combining, scientific aura & chakra imaging, multiple healing modalities, including Reiki, Emotion Freedom Technique, and Neurolinguistics, with practical tools for living.

This is a motivational and foundation building quality of life practice and does not replace, or should be used in lieu of medical or psychiatric care.